Our Raving Fans Speak Out

Jay and Liz Wilburn, Commerce Township, MI

Mark was extremely professional in his meeting with us to determine the price for the home. He was well-researched in the comparables and the state of the housing market. Mark did not make any empty promises and was very up-front with my husband and me. We signed the listing agreement on a Tuesday and the sign went up the next day. The photographer came, per our direction, on that Thursday and we're loaded on to the web on Friday. We had our first showing that Friday, and then many followed - one right after the other. We received two respectable offers the following week. Mark's team has been very good at calling to schedule appointments and the feedback on the internet was great. We were able to see what the feelings were of the people who saw the house. The experience has been as stress-free as it can be when it comes to selling a house. I would recommend Mark's services to anyone selling a house in the area. In fact, I have. - Jay and Liz Wilburn.

Dwight & Theodora Allison, Royal Oak, MI

Our neighbors house was on the market with another Realtor for a year, and they had only two or three people look at it. We witnessed and watched MARK Z. list their home and sold it in 2 weeks for above their asking price. I called MARK Z. to sell my mother-in-laws house a year later. He sold it in 8 weeks and had 18 showings during that time. I was amazed at all of his internet strategies he uses to attract buyers. He is way ahead of other Realtors we talked to. MARK Z. also sold another one of our friends house in 2 weeks. MARK Z doesn't wait for buyers, he finds buyers. Dwight and Theodora Allison--Royal Oak, MI

Mark & Vera Taylor, Northville, MI

We worked with six different realtors and NONE of them compared to the work ethic of Mark Z. I highly suggest if you have a home to sell that you contact him. It is a tough real estate market in Michigan and we were beginning to lose faith that our home would ever sell, I know we have a marvelous home and it was priced to sell, but it is the Realtor that makes the difference. I wish I had met Mark Z four years ago. Mark and Vera Taylor--Northville, MI

Jody and Holly Caldwell, Royal Oak, MI

We had our listed with another Realtor for a year, & about to give up on selling our house. MARK Z called us & insisted we take a look at his marketing plan to see if we thought it was more aggressive than what were used to. 29 days later we accepted an offer that was 4% less than our asking price. Needless to say MARK Z. did it again!- Jody and Holly Caldwell

Denis & Heidi Rogge, Commerce, MI

Thank you for the excellent job of selling our house. I still can't believe you sold our house in two weeks. Everyone was so prompt with the emails and calls about the showings and so polite. After 2 other Realtors and being on the market for two years, I am just sorry I did not go with you sooner. You said you would do a GREAT JOB and YOU DID! We would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone about the great service we received. Please feel free to mark us down as a very satisfied customer. Denis & Heidi Rogge--Commerce, MI

Mona Fotoohi, Troy, MI

Mark Z is the most professional and dedicated real estate agent I have ever encountered. His passion is evident from the moment you meet him. My sister and I had an opportunity out of state that required us to move very fast and trust that our agent would handle the entire process for us. Mark Z was there for us, and took care of everything looking out for us, like we were family. He could not have made the experience more stress free. I have recommended Mark Z to all my friends and family and will continue to do so. Mona Fotoohi--Troy, MI

James and Kimberly Popa, Shelby Township, MI

My wife and I would highly recommend Mark Z to sell our house again or to anyone that wants to sell a home in the Detroit Metro Area. He takes a completely different approach than that of his competition and the results speak for themselves. He was able to sell our home in Shelby Township this past year (July 2007) for very near list price and in 28 days! This is right $6,000 off of list price and in 28 days!! How in the worst market in the country was he able to accomplish this you might ask? First he took the time to educate himself and us on the people we were competing against and what had sold around us, so we knew where we needed to price our home. Secondly, he put together a fantastic brochure and virtual tour. Lastly, and in mind the most important thing he did was get other Realtors working for us. He did this by making sure that Realtors with buyers were aware of our home and showed it. In 28 days our house was on the market. We averaged three to four showings a week! There are many options for you to choose from in selecting a Realtor. But you must ask yourself two basic questions. First, "do we really want to sell this house or are we casually entertaining selling our house." Second, "Do we trust that person we are going to hire to have a proven track record of results and a sense of urgency to close the deal for us?" Once you have answered these questions you will see that Mark z is the right place to be! He does what he tells you he is going to do, when he days he is going to do it. Believe it or not those are rare qualities and very valuable when you are depending on execution! Thanks again Mark, you are simply the best. James and Kimberly Popa--Shelby Township, MI

Denis and Heidi Rogge, Commerce Township, MI

After being on the market for over a year, I was skeptical that anyone could sell my house. Within a month of signing on with Mark and his team, I sat down at closing with a smile on my face, and 98% of my asking price. Denis and Heidi Rogge, Commerce Township, MI

Ed Rurade, Highland, MI

Mark called me after my listing expired with my first real estate agent. I admit I was skeptical when he called and told me he does things different. Mark is a very serious Real Estate professional. He will tell you like it is and to me that was invaluable. He made our deal happen even at less commission to make the deal work. He worked very hard at making our dreams come true. For that I am extremely grateful. Ed Rurade--Highland, MI

Roberta Broderick, Taylor, MI

Best Realtor in the state of Michigan. He can sell your home when nobody else can! Mark Z sold 3 houses for me in the last 2 years. I always tell everyone I know about Mark Z. Roberta Broderick--Taylor, MI

Greg and Kimberly Schop, Commerce Township, MI

We truly appreciate all your hard work in helping us both purchase and sell our properties. The exceptional professionalism and personal service provided by you and your team is commendable. Your honesty, experience, and intuitive knowledge of the real estate market distinguish you as a rarity amongst real estate agents today. We are grateful and will surely recommend you to our friends and family. Greg and Kimberly Schop--Commerce Township, MI

Frank and Erma Colucci, White Lake, MI

Mark Z has been a great help to us in selling our home in White Lake, Michigan. We had it listed with a friend of ours who just wasn't aggressive enough. After the listing was over, Mark called us and showed us how his plan was different. Four months later our house sold and we are retired in Florida now. Thanks again. Frank and Erma Colucci--White Lake, MI

Craig Matichuk, Ferndale, MI

Working with Mark was a great experience. He helped me find a home that met all of my nees at the price that was right for me. I was working with limited time due to a corporate relocation. Mark made the process quick and easy, so I was able to get the keys to my new home well before my deadline. He knows the market and every aspect of he business. This gave me a lof of comfort during what could have been a very stressful process. Craig Matichuk--Ferndale, MI

Douglas Cash, Northville, MI

Mark Z and his team made every step of the home selling process easy. Mark was able to provide insights into todays market that helped get my house sold. Mark and his team made sure that my home was seen by as many people as possible, and were very thorough from listing to closing. I would definitely recommend Mark Z to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. Douglas Cash--Northville, MI

Todd Negoshian, Commerce Township, MI

Being a first time home buyer, Mark Z and his team made it as easy as it could be for me. The time and effort Mark put fourth to find the exact home I wanted and at an unbelievable price was just awesome! I heard from someone on the team every week with updates, until I closed. Anyone looking to buy a home for the first time should contact Mark Z immediately if they want a hassle free deal. Todd Negoshian--Commerce Township, MI

Katelin Hahn, Canton, MI

I am a first time buyer and I know I was an extreme challenge for Sandy on the MARK Z. Home Selling Team. Sandy related well with me and knew exactly what I wanted, with a limited budget. She helped me with everything right down to my financing and guided me along the way making sure everything was in my best interest. I would strong recommend her to any first time home buyers out there. Katelin Hahn--Canton, MI

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert and Rosalind Gillenwater

I am writing this to let you know what a true asset you have on the MARK Z. Home Selling Team with your agent Sandy Raden. She is as helpful and resourceful as she is beautiful. I love her for how much she has helped both me and my husband. Sandy was careful to only show us the best that our money could buy instead of wasting our time looking at homes that didn't stand up to the cream of the crop. We didn't have a lot of time so the fact that she went out and previewed homes to see which ones best matched our criteria was priceless. We give her a five star rating. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert and Rosalind Gillenwater

Jeff and Jennifer Blanton, Wolverine Lake, MI

We were fortunate to work with Mark Z. He called us after we struck out with another agent. We were immediately impressed with Mark's aggressive nature, he made sure to be on top of every potential aspect of the sale of our home; knowing the market was soft, he did not want any potential buyers to slip away. When our buyer did arrive, Mark was willing to speak directly with us regarding our options, provide his honest advice, and was always available to discuss. Never did Mark seem to 'tell us what we wanted to hear', instead he told the truth, we accepted it, and have never regreted selling at the price an terms we settled on. Jeff and Jennifer Blanton--Wolverine Lake, MI

Gene and Susan Gradick, Northville, MI

Mark we just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for EVERYTHING! Yes there was a point at which we were listed with another Realtor and not sure what we would do because it looked like our house would never sell. Ever since we started working with you, you were nothing but positive and encouraging. We really credit you with your creative marketing, perseverance, and entrepreneurial efforts! Being such a challenging time to sell a home in Michigan....we knew if anyone could do it....YOU would be the one. Thanks for being patient and consistent with us all the way through. Gene and Susan Gradick--Northville, MI