The Landlord's Handbook

Make-Ready Checklist

Making sure your property is ready for each new tenant is important. As a landlord, you must provide a safe, clean environment for all of your tenants.

Your property needs a complete walk-through and inspection between each tenant. Often, you have only a few days to clean and make repairs after one tenant leaves before the next tenant moves in.

Do you know everything you need to review during the Make-Ready process? These tasks include:

  • Changing locks

  • Inspecting for damage and making necessary repairs

  • Cleaning carpets

  • Checking electrical plugs

  • And more!

Efficiency is critical to turn a property quickly. You also don’t want to miss anything!

Download JMZ Management’s Make-Ready Checklist to help you provide each new tenant with the best new rental home experience--every time.

Download the Checklist