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Do You Think Property Management Is an Expense? Think Again.

May 16, 2019

You might think that adding a property management service to your rental property business is another expense. Could we change your mind on that? Challenge accepted! 

What if working with a Detroit Metro property management company to manage your properties saved money for you—instead of adding more costs? What if the time you saved working your job as a landlord made it even more worthwhile?

When you have investment properties, you handle regular property maintenance. Landlords also deal with many day-to-day tasks, like collecting rent, answering phone calls and emails, and following up on tenant maintenance requests. 

As a business, your goal is to save money along the way to get more longterm profit from your investment. Here are five ways that a property management company saves you money to improve your bottom line. 

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A Landlord's Guide to a Standout Property Listing

May 9, 2019

A rental property listing is how you tell the story of your property to attract the best tenants. It's your opportunity to grab attention, brag on your property, and highlight amenities and nearby attractions.

What if you aren't a writer? Maybe other landlord tasks are your strength—but when it comes to creating a compelling listing, you struggle with writer's block. 

You don't have to be a great writer to be a landlord. You just need to learn what makes a great property listing and how to put one together. 

Follow our tips to write an effective property listing for your Detroit Metro rental property. 

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When Breaking a Lease Is Ok—and When It's Not

May 2, 2019

One unfortunate reality about being a landlord is the broken lease. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, leases are broken. 

On occasion, it’s the tenant who breaks the terms of the agreement. They have to relocate for work and must end the lease early. Sometimes, a tenant vacates without notice. 

At other times, you might have to terminate a lease early because a tenant violates the terms of the lease agreement. Despite your thorough tenant screening process, you ended up with a bad tenant. 

You can relax knowing that while it's not the norm, breaking a lease happens to every landlord. Here's what to do when a tenant breaks a lease for your West Bloomfield property. 

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