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Growing Your Portfolio with Out-of-State Rentals

March 7, 2019

Over the past five years, investors, real estate companies, and developers have shifted their attention to the Detroit Metro real estate market, creating an upward trend in residential purchases and rentals. City officials and associated stakeholders have launched over a dozen programs and initiatives aimed at garnering interest from investors looking to find rental opportunities. 

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JMZ Property Management Launches New Program for Realtors

February 28, 2019

JMZ Property Management is excited to announce the launch of our new Partnership Program! This partnership opportunity with Detroit-area realtors helps realtors grow their business while serving their clients with the best home services available in the Detroit Metro area. 

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How Realtors Benefit From a Property Management Company

February 21, 2019

It might seem like a conflict of interest for realtors and rental property managers to partner with each other; however, there are many benefits to both parties when realtors and property management companies work together. Working with a property management company can help you grow your business as a realtor. If you're looking for a new way to retain clients and make more sales, keep reading. 

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