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What Can a Landlord Do When You Can't Find a Good Tenant?

February 4, 2020

Guarantee Your Rent—Even Without a Tenant

As a landlord, you probably understand that without a good tenant in your property, you won't make any money. Tenants fund your investment property business. That monthly rent check covers expenses—plus, it puts passive profit in your pocket!

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How to Choose the Right Michigan Property Management Company

February 4, 2020

A rental property can be a fantastic investment, but no one will tell you that it's easy. Repairing and updating your recently obtained property is just the beginning. You still have to market your property, find the right tenants, verify their application, interview them, complete and sign lease contracts, and file every document related to this process. After that...well, it doesn't get much easier. Collecting rent, performing walk-throughs, addressing service calls, and general maintenance and repairs still await your attention. Plus, just when you think you have it all handled, you'll wind up with an empty unit...then the entire production starts again.

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Property Manager Tips - How to Improve the Value of Rental Property

February 17, 2020

When you're dealing with investment property, adding value
can be a balancing act. One that
requires a lot of fine tuning, especially because you have overhead and
expenses to consider such as property taxes, hiring a Michigan property
, landscaping, maintenance and updates, marketing and more.

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