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Renting to Millennials

February 10, 2020

It’s weird, the more property you own, the less likely you are to want those darn kids off of your lawn. Millennials, those aged 22-37 in 2018, are now the largest current American generation, accounting for 25% of the population.

The good news for property owners is that this is a generation that watched the housing crisis of 2009 destroy the life they understood. As a result, they generally prefer to rent than to own. In short, they are a phenomenal market to approach for your rental properties.

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Property Management Revenue Tips - Boost Profit with Pet-Friendly Leasing

February 18, 2020

Have you been soured by a past experience involving a tenant
with unruly pets? Landlords and property
managers in Metro-Detroit
often want to protect their investment to reduce maintenance costs and
property upkeep by issuing “no pet” policies on their property. If you want to drive your profits in the
right direction, and fill vacancies, then you may want to consider a change
to get pets into your rental property.

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