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How to Keep Maintenance Costs Low for Detroit Multi Family Units

February 21, 2020

Even if you remove the cost of taxes, insurance, and other fees, it still costs around $298 a month to maintain the average American home.

That expense could climb even higher—particularly if you don’t know the best way to manage the maintenance of your property investment portfolio when it comes to handling Detroit multi family units and their maintenance!

However, when you hire a property management company in Detroit, you can put the reins on maintenance costs and keep them to a minimum. This not only saves you money, but it also strengthens your real estate portfolio as a whole.

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What Kind of Maintenance is 'Routine?' Advice for Farmington Hills Landlords

February 4, 2020

You know you need to do "routine" maintenance on your Farmington Hills rental property, but what does that mean? What kind of maintenance is "routine?"

Typically, it means:

  • You fix things when they break.
  • You do inspections when tenants leave or move in.
  • You perform seasonal inspections as well.

What more should you do as a landlord to keep your rental property in excellent condition? What are some signs you might not be doing enough day-to-day maintenance?

  • You get a lot of maintenance calls from tenants.
  • You find yourself fixing things too often.
That repair bill is a lot higher than you were expecting.
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An Expert Property Manager Can Reduce Stress for Landlords in Novi MI

February 6, 2020

Turning "Overwhelming" into "Overcoming:" Landlord Tips for Battling Stress

Maybe you never intended to be a landlord. Perhaps you were excited about being a landlord—until you got into the daily grind of your first rental property. Maybe owning rental property was everything you dreamed of, then you acquired a second Novi property, and now it's too much to handle. 

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