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Bringing Distressed Detroit Assets Back to Life: An Investor's Guide

February 27, 2020

About one in every 300 properties in Detroit is categorized as "distressed." That may not sound like a lot, but when you factor in the fact that there are several hundred thousand homes in the area, the numbers add up quickly.

A distressed property can provide a great return on investment. However, for your property investment portfolio to flourish, that same property must be brought back to life—and kept alive.

There are many factors involved when revitalizing multi-family properties in Detroit: If you don’t have the time or temperament to supervise renovations or tenants, property management might be right for you! If you are single-handedly trying to manage multi-family units or small apartment buildings, the demands involved can feel like a downpour of problems for a solo investor. This is where a property management company in Detroit can be a huge asset to your portfolio!

As any seasoned investor in real estate knows: issues can multiply fairly quickly—and your investment portfolio is then at risk. Here are some things to consider when bringing distressed assets back to life.

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The Great Flooring Debate: Hardwoods vs. Carpet

February 6, 2020

Whether you recently bought (perhaps inherited) a new rental property or you're in between tenants, have you checked your floors before finishing the Make-Ready process for your new tenants? Do the floors need an update? An empty home is a perfect time to replace flooring that is beyond saving with a thorough carpet cleaning.

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Property Manager Tips - How to Improve the Value of Rental Property

February 17, 2020

When you're dealing with investment property, adding value
can be a balancing act. One that
requires a lot of fine tuning, especially because you have overhead and
expenses to consider such as property taxes, hiring a Michigan property
, landscaping, maintenance and updates, marketing and more.

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