July 4, 2019

The Great Flooring Debate: Hardwoods vs. Carpet

Whether you recently bought (perhaps inherited) a new rental property or you're in between tenants, have you checked your floors before finishing the Make-Ready process for your new tenants? Do the floors need an update? An empty home is a perfect time to replace flooring that is beyond saving with a thorough carpet cleaning.

When choosing between carpet or hardwood flooring, there's more to consider than the type of floor that's easier for you or the tenants to maintain. It can be an expensive mistake to choose the wrong type of flooring for your investment property. Let's look at the pros and cons of carpet or hardwood flooring in your West Bloomfield rental! 

The Appeal of Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood floors are an attractive amenity to many renters. However, before you replace all of your floors with hardwoods, make sure the concept will fit the type of property you have.

The Pros

  • Easy to Maintain
    Hardwood flooring is easy to maintain and keep clean. Depending on the type of wood and how well you care for them, these floors can last longer than carpeting. If you've ever had to try and clean dirty slush from a carpet, you'll understand what we mean.
  • Enhances the Perceived Value
    Your rental property seems like a more luxurious place to live when it has wood floors: while carpeting isn't always cheaper, it can appear like a cheaper choice of flooring compared to hardwood floors.
  • Excellent Reputation
    A well-kept hardwood floor tells renters that you're serious about taking care of the property. It's good for your reputation as a landlord when you deliver a quality home for your tenants.

The Cons

  • Lack of Durability
    If you choose a poor-quality wood or fail to take good care of the floors in your rental between tenants, they won't last as long as other types of flooring. Moisture and moving furniture around on the surface can quickly cause your wood floors to show signs of wear—especially in heavily trafficked areas. Repairing damaged wood floors can also be expensive.
  • Louder Than Other Flooring
    Carpet absorbs sound: with wood floors, sound waves reverberate and add to the noise level in rooms. While hardwood floors can look more beautiful than carpet, in a multi-family property, consider the noise level between units when installing hardwood floors. 
  • Loss of Money
    Consider the cost of hardwood floors versus carpet: hardwood flooring is often more expensive. Make sure it's worth the expense of installing hardwoods and ongoing care versus the best rental price for your property.

Carpet Has Its Perks, Too!

Carpet often has a bad reputation because it's not hardwood flooring: hardwood floors are having their day in the spotlight. 

When considering the replacement flooring options in your West Bloomfield rental property, give carpet a fair chance to compete against hardwood—it may end up being the better choice for your investment!

Upper view of woman relaxing on carpet at home

The Pros

  • More Inviting
    Unlike some wood floors, carpeting can make a room look warm and inviting; a decent carpet pile will also feel great on bare feet.
  • More Cost-Effective
    Depending on the type of carpet, you'll spend less than installing hardwood floors—plus, less expensive flooring doesn't mean it has to look cheap!

The Cons

  • Frequent Replacement 
    While you might spend less on carpeting, you might also find yourself replacing it more often than hardwood floors. From stains to other wear and tear, carpet can look dingy and old faster than quality hardwood floors—especially if you allow pets into a rental, or your tenants have children.
  • Flooring Trends Change
    Hardwood floors tend to stand the test of time when it comes to fitting into almost any home decor. Depending on the carpeting you choose, it can be out of style sooner rather than later—having the wrong kind of flooring in your home can be a serious turn-off to renters.
  • Filth Shows
    Carpeting shows dirt, stains, and filth easier than hardwood flooring. Be sure you budget for deep cleaning between tenants!

Explore Other Options

Today's landlords have a variety of flooring options available beyond hardwoods or carpeting. If neither carpet nor hardwood seems to be the right option for your rental, consider other types of flooring that offer durability, affordability, and excellent sound absorption. 

You might also need to consider the type of tenants in your property: depending on age or disabilities, some flooring isn't ideal for all types of renters. The flooring in your rental could be a reasonable accommodation if a tenant needs smooth floors for a wheelchair or to help with mobility; anyone who has spent time in a manual wheelchair knows how even the smallest bit of carpeting can be a nightmare.

Get Help When Choosing Flooring for Your Rental Property!

There's a lot to consider when choosing the perfect flooring for your West Bloomfield rental property: don't get overwhelmed—get help!

JMZ Management can help you make the right decision when it's time to replace the flooring in your rental property. We'll help you understand the value of your property and how to choose the flooring that tenants love! Not sure where to start? Take advantage of our FREE rental analysis for your property!



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