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The Landlord's Handbook -Make-Ready Checklist

Making sure your property is ready for each new tenant is important. As a landlord, you must provide a safe, clean environment for all of your tenants.

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Foolproof Tenant Screening: A Checklist

When you’re a landlord, your success in the rental property business can depend on finding and keeping the best tenants for your properties. However, the tenant screening process can seem like an overwhelming task.

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The Perfect Property Listing: It’s More Than a Description

A thorough property listing is more than a description of the house. How can you remember everything a potential renter needs to know about your property?

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Free Tenant Eviction Checklist

It’s every landlord’s nightmare. But . . . every landlord will eventually have to evict a tenant.

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Hiring a Property Manager

Whether you are a landlord that has several properties or a first-time investor looking to get into the metro Detroit rental market, your primary goal is to get the highest ROI on your property and maintain healthy cash flow.

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Calculate Your Potential Savings

Often, we take the value of our time for granted, even though it is the most precious resource we have. If you don't track all the time you spend managing your property it can be hard to calculate the true cost. Use this calculator to compare the costs of self-management versus hiring a property manager.

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How to be a Michigan Landlord

If you are reading this, then you are likely a first-time landlord trying to avoid freshman mistakes, or you are a seasoned real estate investor looking for fresh insight into renting out your next property.

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