Real Estate Personal Shopper

Do you need a personal shopper to help you find the best investment properties without the travel, hassle, and headache?

Local, foreign and other out-of-town investors turn to JMZ Management to assist them with making informed real estate investment decisions. Our extensive experience in both property management and the local market is a resource buyers can’t be without.


Did you know: Hundreds of properties are sold each year without ever listing on the Multi-Listing Service?


JMZ Management can obtain information about the best properties as soon as they become available. Our extended network of investors and brokers, along with our unsurpassed reputation in the real estate community, allow us to connect our buyers with real estate opportunities before they ever hit the market.


JMZ helps identify and address issues

Through our years of experience, JMZ has developed a detailed understanding of the Detroit metro market. This inside knowledge allows us to steer clients away from properties that entice buyers to close on deals full of “cover-ups” or other issues that require someone with expertise on-location to pinpoint.

City Compliance Guidance

JMZ Management has a solid understanding of Detroit metro municipality restrictions, which is not common knowledge. Often buyers fall prey to sellers who fail to disclose the city requirements for purchasing certain properties and our experience aids our clients in avoiding this pitfall.

JMZ Management Knows Real Estate

Our years of servicing the Detroit metro market has allowed our team to develop long term connections in the area, a solid foundational knowledge of the unique aspects of our clients’ real estate needs, and customer service that is second to none.