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An Expert Property Manager in the Detroit Metro Is More Affordable Than You Think!

August 8, 2019

You're Losing Money Without a Property Manager—Here's Why

One of the most significant objections we hear to hiring a property manager is the concern that it's an expense

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Got Bad Tenants? Don't Fear Them—Deal with Them

June 20, 2019

What's the thing you fear most about being a landlord? If you answered "dealing with bad tenants," you're not alone.

There are many enjoyable aspects of being a landlord. The income is certainly nice! However, when it comes to dealing with bad tenants, some landlords can lose sleep over potential nightmare situations. How you handle a horrible tenant situation can affect your bottom line: it also affects how much you love (or hate) being a landlord. 

Don't let the fear of dealing with bad tenants keep you from owning rental property in the Detroit Metro area! Take a look at these tips for dealing with troublesome tenants.

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When Breaking a Lease Is Ok—and When It's Not

May 2, 2019

One unfortunate reality about being a landlord is the broken lease. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, leases are broken. 

On occasion, it’s the tenant who breaks the terms of the agreement. They have to relocate for work and must end the lease early. Sometimes, a tenant vacates without notice. 

At other times, you might have to terminate a lease early because a tenant violates the terms of the lease agreement. Despite your thorough tenant screening process, you ended up with a bad tenant. 

You can relax knowing that while it's not the norm, breaking a lease happens to every landlord. Here's what to do when a tenant breaks a lease for your West Bloomfield property. 

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