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What Can a Landlord Do When You Can't Find a Good Tenant?

September 26, 2019

Guarantee Your Rent—Even Without a Tenant

As a landlord, you probably understand that without a good tenant in your property, you won't make any money. Tenants fund your investment property business. That monthly rent check covers expenses—plus, it puts passive profit in your pocket!

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How to Handle Your Greatest Fear as a Landlord: Tackling Vacancy

September 19, 2019

Four Tips to Deal With a Vacant Rental Property

What's your biggest fear as a landlord? If you said anything other than "not having tenants" or "months without rent," you might not have had to experience this stressor as a landlord.

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Northville Property Management Tips

July 18, 2019

Managing your own properties? This might help.

There are two options when considering the management of a rental property that you own; you can hire a Northville property manager  or manage the property yourself. Some people prefer the ease of outsourcing the management while others prefer to be involved in all of the details and handle the management of their Northville properties on their own. If you aren’t ready to hire a Northville property manager yet, here are some property management tips from JMZ Management’s Northville property management experts to help you succeed in managing your property.

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