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The Great Flooring Debate: Hardwoods vs. Carpet

July 5, 2019

Whether you recently bought (perhaps inherited) a new rental property or you're in between tenants, have you checked your floors before finishing the Make-Ready process for your new tenants? Do the floors need an update? An empty home is a perfect time to replace flooring that is beyond saving with a thorough carpet cleaning.

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Avoid Bad Tenants! 3 Key Tips to Finding Quality Renters

June 6, 2019

From millennials to retirees, the idea of renting a home is more appealing than buying.  

For millennials, taking on a new home loan while struggling to repay college or credit card debts isn't wise. For retirees, the idea of a mortgage and home-owning responsibilities is less appealing than freedom at this life-stage. Aside from millennials and retirees, there are also individuals who simply don't want the responsibilities of owning a house. 

No matter the reason for renting, the Detroit Metro area is an ideal place to collect on the investment of a rental property. To make a rental property worth the investment, you have to find—and keep—good tenants. Where do you look? Here are three steps to finding quality tenants for your rental property!

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Autumn Property Management Checklist

March 11, 2019

Winter is Coming!

As dark an omen as a decade-long winter may be for television characters; the standard American three-month (or more) winter can cause tons of disaster for rental property owners as well. Autumn is the perfect time to protect yourself against the stress and cost of a potentially nasty winter season, and we are here to tell you how.

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