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The Village of Bingham Farms in Southfield Township is one of Oakland Counties many gems. This Metro Detroit suburb is quaintly nestled between nearby Franklin and Beverly Hills just northwest of Detroit. As with many Oakland County cities, townships and villages there is a diverse real estate market here in Bingham Farms. From condos, apartment homes and single family dwellings there is a property just right for those looking to invest in long term real estate projects such as rental properties. While property ownership may be very lucrative for many of us, the headaches and strains of managing the day to day intricacies of your properties may be more than a bit overwhelming. From maintaining adherence to the laws and regulations surrounding lease and rental properties, to the maintenance and general upkeep of your investment, it can be incredibly painstaking at times to say the least.

Bingham Farms is a small community located just north of Southfield.  While small in size and population, there are a lot of businesses within this area and the surrounding suburbs of Detroit make living here an ideal spot to call home.  One of the staples in the area is in Franklin – just to the west.  It’s here that you’ll find the Franklin Cider Mill which churns out cider and donuts every fall to the delight of the community.  Looking south, in Southfield, you’ll the civic center area where many companies conduct business amid the Southfield skyline.

Living in Bingham Farms puts you right near the M-10 Freeway and I-696 Freeway as well as Telegraph Road.  These major systems will get you just about anywhere in the metro Detroit area quickly and easily.  Whether you’re heading westward toward Novi or Farmington Hills or downtown, you’ll have easy access to the nearby freeways.  In fact, you could make it to a Tigers or Lions game in about twenty minutes.

If you’re looking for a spot with a charming history and you desire to be close to the main attractions of Detroit, you’ll want to see what’s available in Bingham Farms.


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