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Nestled on the shores of Orchard Lake we find the exclusive and affluent Orchard Lake Village, one of the many picturesque lake side villages of Oakland County. This exquisite location is an excellent retreat for those looking for some peace and quiet with easy access to Detroit and all it has to offer. Orchard Lake Village is also an excellent place for the savvy real estate investor to acquire gorgeous Oakland County properties. As the economy and home values slowly rise, we find unique opportunities to acquire long term investment properties. Orchard Lake Village is brimming with beautiful lake front and country club adjacent properties well suited for rental and lease situations. From lake front cottages and villas to stunning single family homes, one can easily find the investment properties they seek.

The small and exclusive suburb of Orchard Lake is an ideal spot when you want to have lots of lake access, high-end shopping and great restaurants.  Whether you’re an outdoorsy person, love a good day of shopping or a combination of both, Orchard Lake is a place worth checking out.  Naturally, the village of Orchard Lake surrounds the actual Orchard Lake.  Orchard Lake is the second largest lake in Oakland County at 795 acres and a maximum depth of 110 feet.  Cass Lake which is located across the street from this lake in West Bloomfield is the largest.  In the center of Orchard Lake is a small island called Apple Island which received its name from the Native Americans who planted an apple orchards there.

Orchard Lake, the village and the lake, finds itself in the middle of West Bloomfield.  West Bloomfield is a very luxurious community with an excellent schools system (in which students in Orchard Lake attend) and feature many boutique stores, a nature sanctuary, twenty-five lakes and lots of dining options.

Living in Orchard Lake, Michigan, puts you in a great spot in metro Detroit where you’ll be able to get around town with ease whether you’re heading to the malls, to dinner or to work.  Definitely check out the beautiful homes that surround Orchard Lake.


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