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The city River Rouge Michigan is an industrious and economically diverse city strategically located between the cities of Detroit and Southgate. This optimal location provides a perfect place for those who are seeking to invest in the real estate market. There are ample international companies that call the city of River Rouge home, and for that reason the populous continues to grow. There are currently 7,000 plus residents here in River Rouge and it is vitally important they find the appropriate affordable living arrangements for their needs. And if you have properties in need of tenants, you will find that hiring a property manager like the dedicated professionals at JMZ Property Management will make this process so much easier.

Located south of Detroit and just east of Melvindale is the city of River Rouge, Michigan.  When you live in River Rouge, you’ll find yourself very close to downtown Detroit so you can head into the city for lots of entertainment, dining and cultural options.  Great little spots in Detroit like Corktown and Mexicantown are minutes away and give you the chance to spend some time soaking in the culture of these gems within the city.  You’re less than fifteen minutes from both Comerica Park and Ford Field and will be able to check out the latest concerts, plays and museum exhibits.

Cutting through River Rouge is Rouge River which empties into the Detroit River.  On the northern end of River Rouge is Zug Island.  This island is actually not a natural island but was created when a canal was built to bypass another waterway and is now an industrial island home to steel mills.  River Rouge’s community was forged by industry and was integral in helping to make Detroit the automotive capital of the world and industrial powerhouse.

When it comes to business or living very close to the city, River Rouge is an ideal spot.  You’ll be nestled along the river and have the benefit of having the Down River area at your fingertips.


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