Tenant Selection Criteria

Each applicant must qualify individually for the following:


Don t forget to include any sources of income you may have, from your job, your spouses job, child support, alimony, disability, any form of assistance like F.I.A., Section 8 or S.S.I., workers Comp., investment income etc. In general, the more income, the better. Also be sure you include proof of income with your application.


Don't assume that bad credit alone will cause your application to be rejected any more than good credit alone will guarantee its acceptance. Credit is only one of the things we look at. But we do look at it. If you haven't seen yours lately, Click here.


In general if we know the owners feelings towards pets, we put it on the list, some properties have size restrictions, some allow cats but not dogs or vice versa. Call us with questions about any specific property.

Prior Rental Experience

If applicable, we will be contacting your current landlord and as many previous landlords as possible. This is probably the most important item we check. Please assist us in doing this by providing as much information as possible.


Number of Residents

This is a general guideline, some property owners have their own residency restrictions. In addition some units, such as retirement villages, have age restrictions and/or other limits on the number of occupants.

Application & Selection Process

The first applicant(s) will be accepted who:

1. Submits a completed, signed application with accurate information and pays the non-refundable $60.00 application fee or if submitted online the application fee is $63.00. Applicants must show proof of income when turning in application along with a copy of a Michigan State Drivers license.

2. Submits all verifying information/documents needed such as pay stubs or other proof of income, present/previous landlord names and phone numbers, and any other documents that may be required.

3. Based on satisfactory information supplied, is approved for rental

4. Has full required move in amount in certified funds

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