Plymouth MI Property Management Co.

JMZ Property Managementutilizes the nationally recognized MARK Z. Home Selling Team to market the properties they list for lease in Metro Detroit. Their marketing budget is literally unlimited and is on the cutting edge of new technology and innovative marketing systems, which allow us to rent your properties faster. Our on-going marketing campaigns generate over 200 tenant leads a day. This allows us to find the right tenant for your property within a manageable
time frame.

Plymouth, Michigan, is a picturesque and charming suburb of metro Detroit situated between Canton and Northville.  This area is a very desirable location to call home or conduct business.  From industrial parks and factories to chain stores and boutique shops, Plymouth offers a very business-friendly environment for those wishing to work within its city.  The heart of downtown Detroit is about thirty minutes away whether you want to head to a sporting event, concert or have an important meeting and the Detroit Metropolitan Airport is under a half-hour away to the south.

jmz-properties-marketing-planWhen you live in Plymouth you’ll be able to stroll the pedestrian-friendly streets of their downtown area which is an ideal spot to spend your time.  They consistently hold major events, festivals and fairs throughout the year including the beautiful Festival of Trees around Christmastime, an Ice Sculpture Festival in winter and massive Plymouth Art Fair in the summer which attracts hundreds of craft vendors and thousands of nearby residents.  Downtown Plymouth is also home to many small businesses, boutique stores, restaurants and bars.

If you’re looking to raise a family in Plymouth, you’ll be happy to know that the school system is top-notch and the area is a very safe, family-friendly and inviting community to come home to.

A few key marketing campaigns that allow us a competitive:

Marketing To The Extreme!

  • Internet Campaign:Our Database is shared with over 45 web sites generating over 1.2 MILLION views a month. Click here to see a more detailed look at our marketing plan.
  • Print Ads:We run ads every week in major and local newspapers;
  • MLS: Properties are listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) used by Real Estate professionals;
  • Section 8:Complete vacancy list is e-mailed to all local government offices every week;
  • Signs: Large and unique sign in every yard;
  • Cross Marketing: All potential tenant inquires are profiled and stored for follow-up marketing of vacant homes;
  • Placement Services: We maintain relationships with the nations largest insurance, corporate re-location, and placement services; and
  • Video Walk-through: We create a digital video walk-through of each property and post those clips for prospective tenants to view ahead of their scheduled showing.

Full Service Michigan Residential Leasing Company

metro-detroit-property-management-servicesMany times our clients approach us to find them a qualified tenant for their property. We are qualified to handle the entire leasing process including:

  • Perform a market analysis to determine fair market value to list for lease
  • Advertising your property on over 100 different internet websites
  • List the property for lease on the MLS so over 10,000 Metro Detroit Realtors can show it
  • Complete a tenant application
  • Process tenant income verification Process thorough reference check including credit reports
  • Contact former landlord(s) and employers when available
  • Ability to run criminal background checks
  • Annual Property Inspections
  • Drafting of lease documents and proper landlord disclosure statements
  • Collection of rent and automatic deposits into your account
  • We handle all landlord/tenant communication Handyman service and various professionals available at all times

Owner Real-Time Access

JMZ Property Mananagement uses a very powerful online management software system that allows us to provide you with unprecedented service and transparency. No longer willl you wonder what is going on with your portfolio. Our michigan-property-management-software"Owner Portal" gives you real-time access 24/7 through any web browser. In addition to seeing when your rents are received, you will also be able to:

  • View and approve work orders:All maintenance work orders are automatically e-mailed to you;
  • Instant access to all expenses: Copies of all bills are electronically posted to your owner portal;
  • Automatic e-deposits: Rent can be e-deposited into your account;
  • On-Line reports: Run financial and other reports;
  • Vacancy status: Review marketing campaigns and showings;
  • Communication: Instant message communication with staff; and
  • Instant Feedback: Access to Agent e-mail feedback to you after property showings.

Determining When You Need a Plymouth Property Manager

Plymouth is a city in Wayne County, Michigan which has a vibrant downtown area. Locally, there are numerous shops, restaurants, recreational areas, parks and a dynamic community where residents thrive.

Now, if you own a property in Plymouth and you are looking forward to selling or leasing it, are you supposed to hire a property manager? If you do, how are you supposed to look for one? That is exactly what we will try to find out here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hiring a Property Manager In Plymouth

Whether you are planning to sell or lease a residential property, you naturally consider this as your asset. Just like everything else that you own, this is a financially-worthy item that needs to be protected, and hiring a Plymouth property manager will allow you to do just that.

To learn more about how you can determine when you need a property manager and how to look for one, take a look at the following frequently asked questions:

Should I decide to hire one, what does the job of property management in Plymouth, Michigan entail?

As a Plymouth rental property manager, it is that person's responsibility to sell, lease, transfer and manage your real estate property. Your property in Plymouth may be residential, commercial or industrial in nature. Whatever it is, it's primarily the job of the property manager to act as a bridge between you, the owner and the individuals or group of people who would like to rent or buy property from you.

When dealing with a person who's renting a home in Plymouth, Michigan, what are the things that a property manager needs to consider?

One of the most important roles taken on by a property manager is bridging the gap between a landlord and a tenant. The manager will address maintenance issues while also providing a buffer for landlords or property owners like you who do not like directly dealing with tenants. Accepting rental fees, managing the accounts of the real estate properties, initiating litigation, dealing with insurance and a mountain of paperwork as the other responsibilities covered.

Should I look for a property manager who works independently, or with a residential leasing company in Plymouth?

This is entirely dependent upon your personal preferences as a property owner. If you have a residential property in Plymouth that you would like to rent out, for instance, you can either hire a property manager directly or simply have a leasing company assign a property manager for you. If you want to personally oversee how the property manager fares in managing, selling or leasing your property, then it might be better to hire someone who works independently. On the other hand, hiring a property manager under a residential leasing company would give you more security because the manager would be under the umbrella of a mid-sized or large real estate corporation.

As you can see, when it comes to hiring a person to oversee property management in Plymouth, Michigan, learning as much information as you can as a property owner is crucial. Hiring the right property manager will make or break the profits which can be gained from selling or leasing your property, so hire the right one and make the most out of your real estate investment.