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In north Oakland County we find the quaint and beautiful lake side city of Lake Angelus. This is a relatively small community north of Detroit and a great place for investors to find suburban getaways for those looking to lease and rent lakeside cottages and homes well suited for daily family living or just a weekend on the lake fishing and boating with family and friends. For many of us today, we find the idea of investment property ownership to be quite appealing to say the least. We are always looking for promising investments, and rental or lease properties can be just what the doctor ordered. As the local economy and home values begin to go on the rise we find a sense of urgency to obtain these investment properties while we can still get an excellent deal on them.

Lake Angelus, Michigan, is a luxurious and exclusive community located just west of Auburn Hills and east of Waterford.  This city, which is nestled around the actual Lake Angelus, has a super-small population of near 300 making it the smallest incorporated city in Michigan.  Just north of the city is the I-75 Freeway which gets you into the heart of downtown Detroit in under forty minutes.  When you live in Lake Angelus, you’ll be within minutes of many of the amazing features of nearby Auburn Hills.  This includes the Great Lakes Crossing Outlet Mall which features nearly 180 specialty stores as well as great restaurants and a movie theater.  Whether shopping for gifts, looking for some clothes to add to the wardrobe or interested in a dinner/movie with a loved one, you’ll be real close to this shopping complex.  Auburn Hills is also home to the Detroit Pistons.  The Palace of Auburn Hills is not just where basketball is played in Detroit but is also an amazing venue that features the biggest concerts and events to come through town.

If you’re looking for everything from luxury to lakes to forests and parks to some of the best dining, shopping, and entertainment options in metro Detroit then you’ll want to settle down in the small community of Lake Angelus.


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