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The city Redford Michigan is an industrious and economically diverse city strategically located between the cities of Livonia and Southfield. This optimal location provides a perfect place for those who are seeking to invest in the real estate market. There are ample international companies that call the city of Redford home, and for that reason the populous continues to grow. There are currently 48,000 plus residents here in Redford and it is vitally important they find the appropriate affordable living arrangements for their needs. And if you have properties in need of tenants, you will find that hiring a property manager like the dedicated professionals at JMZ Property Management will make this process so much easier.

Redford, Michigan, is situated on the edge of Detroit just to the east of Livonia and north of Dearborn Heights.  When you live in Redford, you’ll find that you’re in a great location for enjoying both the city life and suburbia.  Whether you work in downtown Detroit or you want to head to a sporting event, concert or check out Belle Isle, you’re only about twenty minutes from the heart of the city.  To the west, in Livonia, you’ll find lots of great options regarding shopping, dining and entertainment.

One of the cool features about Redford is the Redford Theatre.  Built in 1928, this beautiful 1,600+ seat theatre is ran by the Motor City Theatre Organ Society and plays feature film favorites that have proven themselves over time.  From old Three Stooges films to Christmas Classics to all-time favorites, spending an evening at the Redford Theatre is sure to be a memorable experience.  Redford boasts many second and third generation residents whose family grew up in the city and want their kids to grow up here too.  The city hosts many events throughout the year and offer many beautiful parks for both adults and kids to enjoy.  Some include a splash park, skate park, walking paths, playgrounds and more.

Perfect for both the resident looking for a spot to call home or a business that wants to be close to the city, Redford is a great place worth checking out.


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