Move Out Policy & Procedures

We have received your notice that you will vacate your home on "Vacatedate". So that we may refund your deposit and make no additional charges, please pay special attention to the following:

  1. The duration of the contract has been fulfilled.
  2. The dwelling unit will be vacated by the above date.
  3. Deductions will be made for any damage beyond normal wear and tear.
  4. Dwelling unit well cleaned for new resident.

The following cleaning list is used to make each dwelling unit ready for the new resident:

A. Stove: clean oven1 broiler pan1 drip pans, outside, underneath and behind.
B. Vent Hood: clean greasy residue from inside and outside of hood; aluminum filter may be washed in sink.
C. Dishwasher: clean front and inside.
D. Refrigerator: clean inside, outside, underneath and behind. Defrost and remove any water left below crisper drawers. DO NOT USE SHARP INSTRUMENTS.
E. Bathroom: clean sink, tub, counter tops, cabinets, toilet and floor.
F. Carpet/vinyl floors: vacuum, mop, and/or shampoo. Clean per pet agreement.
G. Woodwork and doors: wash off fingerprints and spots.
H. Cabinets/closets: remove all shelf paper, decals, coat hangers, and trash, wipe out with a damp cloth.
I. Window coverings: dust mini blinds and clean drapes.
J. Walls: remove nails, but do not fill holes. Small nail holes will not be charged against you, but large ones will even if you try to fill or cover them.
K. Fireplace: clean inside and outside. Remove all ashes.
L. Ceiling fans and light fixtures: clean blades and light shades, replace all missing or burned out bulbs.
M. Porches, patio, and yard: sweep, clean, mow and remove all trash.
N. Garage: Sweep floor.
O. Return all keys and remote controls to office.
P. Turn in final water bill with receipt that it has been paid in full.


Deductions are made from the security deposits only for just causes. Such charges include, but are not limited to, any replacement of damaged or missing fixtures, appliance parts or other items furnished residents. Labor charges include installation, cleaning, patching, sanding, etc., including the cost of cleansers. If you do not clean or repair the damaged or soiled items prior to moving out, charges will be deducted from your security deposit based on the attached schedule. Items not on the list will be charged on a "cost plus labor" basis. The costs below are specifically in regards to the cleaning of such items and NOT the replacement of these items unless otherwise noted.


Drip pans
Cabinets and counter tops

$3.00 each

BATHROOM: Tub/Shower
Sink, Cabinets, Shelves

$20.00 each

OTHER: Carpet Cleaning
Trash Removal
Drapes/Blinds (per window)
Floors Per Room

$35.00 per room
$50.00 and up
$20.00 and up
$15.00 each

REPAIRS: Patching nail holes larger than 1/8"
Patching nail holes larger than 1"
Painting (per average room)
Touch up painting(assuming we can match paint)
Torn wall paper
Torn vinyl flooring per room
Carpet Per Room

$7.00 each
$25.00 each
$150.00 and up
$25.00 and up
$50.00 and up
$250.00 and up
$250.00 and up

Interior doors
Exterior doors
Oven racks
Drip pans
Crisper trays or shelves
Towel bars
Shower rod
Shower head
Garage door transmitters
Carpet(Beyond Normal Wear & Tear Condition)
$35.00 and up
$100.00 and up
$100.00 and up
$200.00 and up
$35.00 and up
$10.00 each
$50.00 and up
$25.00 each
$5.00 each
$50.00 each
$300 Per 12x12 Room