June 27, 2018

How Much Money Does Your Rental Investment Really Make for You?

As a property owner, you’ve put a lot of time and money into your investment property. You may have spent a great deal of time making this space ideally suited for the top tenants you have there. You invested more into finding those tenants and you spend more time managing the property. But, how much is it actually making in profit for you year over year? Are you seeing any growth in those numbers or are you barely making anything from it?

This is a common problem for many of today’s property owners. It’s not that they lack the ability to price the property right or an understanding of market conditions. They simply do not have the time, and potentially the resources, to really gather data on the profitability of any investment property. And, that is a problem. Without this information you do not know if the move is actually the right option for you. Should you be selling this property? Could you make a better profit margin some how?

With the help of a property management company, you’ll gain much more insight into the property and your revenue. You will be able to understand a few key factors too:

  • How much are you spending on the property each year to maintain it?
  • How much are you spending on any loans on the property compared to your income from it?
  • What about your tenant rent? Is it appropriate for the location based on the size, location, and type of property?
  • Is your property in need of long term investments to keep it well maintained? Perhaps you need to replace the roof.
  • And, do you have proper insurance protection on it to protect your home but that’s also within budget?

With the help of a Michigan property management company, you will be able to learn much more about the investment you are making and just how much revenue it is producing for you. You’ll also find ways to save money or to increase your profit margins even higher. This expert help actually makes you money.