February 18, 2024

Guide to Listing Your Vacation Rental Property on Google Maps

There are several tools available to you if you want to market your vacation rental property on Google. One popular way is to create a website and employ SEO techniques to put your website on top of Google’s search engine results page. 

You can also use Google Vacation Rentals because many travelers use this tool to search for the best lodging options. As a vacation rental owner, it is an excellent marketing platform because you can include photos, nearby attractions, pricing, and a location score in your listing. 

Another tool is Google Maps, which allows you to link your Google My Business Listing. There are some similarities between Google Vacation Rentals and Google Maps, but there are differences that make each of them a good option for your marketing. Here is a blog write-up  to learn more about these marketing tools. 

Google Vacation Rentals vs. Google Maps

There is a difference between listing your vacation rental property on Google Maps and advertising it on Google Vacation Rentals. Moreover, listing it on the former does not mean your property will show up on the latter. 

In Google Vacation Rentals, you will simply need an “approved channel partner” when listing your vacation rental home. These are the approved partners by the platform: 

  • Airbnb
  • Vrbo
  • Tripadvisor
  • HolidayLettings by Tripadvisor
  • Bluetent
  • Vacasa
  • Rentals United
  • RedAwning
  • Turnkey Vacation Rentals
  • Interhome

Only listings from those approved channels will show up on Google Vacation Rentals. If you list your property from your website, it will not appear on the platform. Another disadvantage is the lack of control over the prime placement of your listing. You will just leave it all to the algorithm! 

In contrast, Google Maps gives you some control and input over listing your vacation rental property. However, there are also some downsides. 

Listing Policies on Google Maps for Single Property Owners

Single property owners who want to list on Google Maps may encounter minor challenges. You will need an account of Google My Business first which, in turn, requires that the address of your rental business should not be the place of your residence.

The disadvantage to many single property owners is that their place of residence and rental business address are the same. If you are a property manager, you will need to have a business office to have a Google My Business listing. 

If you are an owner of a single vacation rental, it is preferable to go for Google Vacation Rentals because it does not have restrictions on property management companies. You can always list on Google Vacation Rentals as long as you are with the above-mentioned approved partners. 

Vital Information to Include in Google My Business Listing

Create an account with Google My Business Listing if you want to have a placement on Google Maps. Now, you have to fill in some information on Google My Business. Make sure to include as many details as possible to ensure higher listing quality. 

Put your contact information, photos of your vacation rental home, and business hours. It is also vital to include the link to your website. You can also post announcements of discounts and deals for your vacation rental business on Google My Business. 

Generate More Reviews

Your Google My Business listing should contain reviews. Google always tells businesses to receive more reviews (positive or negative) to boost their placement on the platform. Reviews are a crucial factor to improve your ranking in the Google search results. 

Vrbo and Airbnb listing sites typically ask guests for reviews after their stay. So, it is smart to refrain from asking any more review requests if your guests are booking through these sites. If you want to get a review, you can ask a friend to stay in your vacation rental home and leave five stars on Google. 

Moreover, request your guests who booked outside of Vrbo and Airbnb to leave reviews on Google. Give them a link that goes straight to the review page. 

Connect with Other Businesses

It is beneficial for your vacation rental business if you link up with other businesses and services. Social proof is effective in Map Pack and Google SERP rankings. If your website receives more citations with a specific search phrase, you will boost your rankings on Google. Take notes of these tips to generate citations. 

  • Getting featured on travel blogs
  • Partnering with local tourist spots and restaurants
  • Getting featured in local news outlets


Google My Business, Google Maps, and Google Vacation Rentals are great tools to market your short-term rental property. By improving your rankings on Google search engine results page, your target audience can know more about your vacation rental business. Be mindful of the tips we have discussed in this post to ensure you can better leverage these marketing tools.