May 21, 2023

Smart Home Technology for Single-Family Rental Properties

Homes are not the way they used to be 20 years ago. From speakers to refrigerators, almost every home appliance nowadays is powered by smart technology. Such technology does not only bring convenience, but it also improves energy efficiency and provides a layer of security to properties.

Single-family rental property owners can benefit from using smart technology. New builds can have smart home hubs, or you can update old properties for such purposes. If property owners are not tech-savvy, property managers should discuss this technology with them because it can help their rental business to prosper. 

Read this beginner’s guide if you are planning to install smart technology on your rental property. 

Smart Tech Hub

A smart tech hub should be your priority before installing individual smart devices. It is the central control for all of your smart home gadgets. It can be activated by your voice or controlled using your smartphone. 

Users must download several apps or remember login credentials without central control. It can be an inconvenience to you and your tenants. Thus, consider installing a tech hub to allow users to connect and use the devices in the property without a hassle. Many smart devices can work with Siri, Google Home, and Alexa. 

Indoor and Outdoor Lights

Programmable lighting is not new knowledge for most homeowners. Along with the rise of solar technology, we have seen the demand for solar-powered outdoor lights that significantly boost your home’s energy efficiency. Nowadays, we have lights that you can control using an app or voice command. 

Tenants can modify the moods of these lights according to their liking. For example, they can command the device to dim the lights during bedtime or increase brightness when they are working. Users can also turn the lights on before they arrive home through an app on their phones or turn them off wherever they are. 

Smart lighting technology is an energy-efficient alternative to traditional lighting, and the former can also last longer than the latter. 

Smart Thermostats

Thermostats are a great addition to any property because they can be pre-programmed. Smart technology takes the benefit of thermostats to the next level using AI and motion detectors. They can automatically change the room temperature according to the number of people in the room or the daily patterns of users. 

The thermostats can also maintain a consistent temperature throughout the property if it has multiple zones. Users can also monitor their energy consumption and control these devices anywhere. 

Security Cameras

Smart security cameras allow you to monitor the happenings on the property through your smartphone. If you are away from the property for days or weeks, smart security cameras can ensure it is safe.  

However, smart security cameras can violate the privacy of tenants. So, if you are a rental property owner, be sure your tenants consent to have security cameras on the property. 

Smart Locks

Both tenants and property managers can benefit from smart locks for several reasons. The advantage of touchless entry has been proven during the Covid-19 pandemic because it prevents the virus from spreading on doorknobs. 

Moreover, smart locks allow residents to lock and unlock doors wherever they are. If you frequently forget to lock your door when rushing to work, you can secure it using a mobile app. 

Smart Doorbells

You will receive alerts on your smartphone when someone rings the smart doorbell in your rental property. You can link the device to a security camera, and users will see who is at the door. 

Smart doorbells also have motion detectors to alert users of any movement outside the property. You can also speak with the person at the door via a two-way communication system. 

Kitchen Appliances

Smart kitchen appliances can significantly help in food preparation and cooking. You can use a voice command or pre-programmed these smart devices to do what you like. For instance, there are microwaves that will notify you when it is time to reheat food or adjust the heat to avoid the food from getting overcooked. 

Smart dishwashers and refrigerators are also excellent additions to homes. You can control these kitchen appliances through your or an app. 

Window Shades

You can now lower or raise your window shades on schedule straight from your smartphone. Smart window shades help minimize heat gain by 80 percent and heat loss by 40 percent. Your air-conditioning can consume a significant amount of energy if there is an imbalance of heat in the room. 


The devices mentioned in this article are only a few of the many home gadgets powered by smart technology. Single-family rental properties can be fitted with smart technology because it can make domestic life more convenient, improve energy efficiency, and save money. Owners should upgrade their rental properties because tenants are looking for those benefits in a rental home.