December 2, 2014

What are a Few Cool Gifts for Landlords to Give Tenants?


It’s that time of year when the snow is falling, Christmas music is playing and everyone is shopping. Landlords run into the dilemma every year of whether or not they should get Christmas gifts for tenants. Sometimes a small gesture at the holidays can make your tenants feel appreciated when it comes time for their annual lease renewal.

For landlords that do want to make the gesture without breaking the bank, what are some easy, affordable and non-offensive gifts that could be passed out to the tenants? Here are some cool gift ideas that will go over well with any tenant.

Holiday Cards

A simple holiday card allows you to express appreciation for your tenants without spending much money. Wishing them well during the holidays is a kind gesture but be sure not to be specific to a certain religion to avoid offending anyone.

You could even throw a gift card into your holiday cards for your tenants. A small gift card to a local coffee shop or other local favorite spot is a nice way to make people appreciate their landlord and get the opportunity to do something near their neighborhood making them remember how much they love living there.


There are some food options that would go over well with almost anyone (unless there is a food allergy). Consider baking Christmas cookies, gift candy canes, gourmet bread or giving out baskets of fruit.

Another way to go is to create a gift basket. You could make a basket with hot chocolate and mugs, one with pancake mix and maple syrup, a basket with popcorn and flavored oil or cheese with crackers. Even if they don’t care for the food, they could always re-gift this and they’ll appreciate the thought.

Other Ideas

If your tenants have pets, why not get dog and cat treats? For families with kids, get crayons and coloring books for the kids while getting mom and dad a poinsettia. Tenants that don’t have covered parking would love a bag of ice melt. Other neutral options could include address books, flashlights or playing cards.

These are some fun ideas for landlords to give their tenants this holiday season.