July 13, 2012

Which Paint Color is Best for a Rental Property in Michigan

Imagine you're a consumer looking for just the right rental. You find a space that is close to your work, provides Michigan rental property paint coloreasy access to shopping, is in your price range and has all the amenities you've ever wanted in an apartment.

Exciting right?

Now imagine walking in to see the apartment and you're greeted by dingy, earth-tone colors and bright orange or red accent walls, green trim, yellow window accents - aside from attempting not to run away shaking your head, at the very least you're going to be disappointed.

This is why a lot of property owners with rentals choose to use specific shades of neutral paint colors. They fit most personalities, they aren't abrasive, they blend with virtually everything and make for the perfect backdrop.

There are a lot of neutral colors out there though, so which neutral paint color do you choose? Making that decision alone can be difficult. You can work with an individual paint contractor or consult with a Michigan property manager to help you find the most appropriate neutral color for your demographic or typical renter in the region.

Here are some criteria to consider when you want to choose the best paint color for a rental unit.

1. Make sure the paint color you choose is neutral enough that prospective tenants are completely scared off by it, or need to squelch their gag reflex.

2. The right paint color for a rental unit should make every room look as large and open as possible

3. Colors work differently with different types of architecture, so choose a neutral paint color that highlights the architectural details of the home/apartment

4. Don't alternate colors. You should use the same neutral color in every room throughout the entire rental unit.

5. Avoid using custom colors, mixes or brands. You want a neutral color that is fairly inexpensive and readily available. That means don't try to impress potential residents by using Fine Paints of Europe.

When you speak with a Michigan property manager, you'll find that a basic white such as Swiss Coffee or Decorator's White does well on everything except walls. For the walls of a rental, it's often recommended to go with a taupe or a very warm gray (like SW hammered silver).

If you still have a hard time choosing an easy to manage and attractive paint color on your own, then consider working with a property manager in Michigan. Not only can they help with the paint color choice, but a service like we offer can provide maintenance coverage, screening and more.

Home Depot's #1 selling color is Gobi Desert and the color we use for all of our properties.

Contact us today to learn more about working with a property manager for stress free real estate investments.

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