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Michigan Property Management Tips - In Search of the Perfect Tenants

When trying to fill rental space, good tenants (the kind that pay on time, keep a clean home, and renew their lease good-tenant_300for years) rarely come to you by accident or stumble across your listing.  They connect with a landlord or property manager by strategic design.

Don't get stuck thinking good tenants are only in great neighborhoods or come from affluent backgrounds.  Good tenants are everywhere, even in the heart of some of the least-attractive suburbs in metro Detroit.  If you're investing in property, you want to find the best tenants to fill your space.  This reduces your overall costs and keeps a positive-income producing investment from becoming a liability.

Here are some tips on

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Managing your real estate investments can be a frustrating, never-ending stressor.  If you own multiple rental dirty_yard_275properties that are scattered across the metro-Detroit area then you know it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the tasks and property management necessities.  What alternative do you have?  It seems counter-productive to have a full-time employee (or multiple employees) with salaries that eat up your profits.

That's why a lot of real estate investors choose a property manager in Michigan.  Not only does a property manager help you maintain the condition of your investments, but they manage your tenants as well.  Here are a few of the crucial tasks you can delegate when you hire a property manager for investment properties in Novi, Northville or

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Imagine you're a consumer looking for just the right rental.  You find a space that is close to your work, provides michigan_property_manager_paint_colors_540easy access to shopping, is in your price range and has all the amenities you've ever wanted in an apartment.

Exciting right?

Now imagine walking in to see the apartment and you're greeted by dingy, earth-tone colors and bright orange or red accent walls, green trim, yellow window accents - aside from attempting not to run away shaking your head, at the very least you're going to be disappointed.

This is why a lot of property owners with rentals choose to use specific shades of neutral paint colors.  They fit most personalities, they aren't abrasive, they blend with virtually everything and make for the perfect backdrop.

There are a

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