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Michigan Property Management Tips - How to Find the Best Tenants for Rental Property

June 27, 2018 posted in finding tenants, landlord tips, tenant screening, tenant tips, property manager tips

Michigan Property Management Tips - In Search of the Perfect Tenants

When trying to fill rental space, good tenants (the kind that
pay on time, keep a clean home, and renew their lease for years) rarely come to
you by accident or stumble across your listing.
They connect with a landlord or property manager by strategic design.

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A Slave to the Rental Property

June 27, 2018 posted in landlords, property management, property manager tips, real estate investments, rental property

Managing your real estate investments can be a frustrating,
never-ending stressor. If you own
multiple rental properties that are scattered across the metro-Detroit area then
you know it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the tasks and property management
necessities. What alternative do you
have? It seems counter-productive to
have a full-time employee (or multiple employees) with salaries that eat up
your profits.

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Which Paint Color is Best for a Rental Property in Michigan

June 27, 2018 posted in choosing paint colors, michigan property manager, paint, painting, property manager tips, rental unit tips

Imagine you're a consumer looking for just the right rental. You find a space that is close to your work, provides easy access to shopping, is in your price range and has all the amenities you've ever wanted in an apartment.

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