April 2012

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No doubt that many families feel a strong connection to their pets – most consider them a member of the family and feel the same love and affection for a pet as they do living person.  From a property management and landlord perspective however, pets have the potential to be extremely destructive.

With rental property in Michigan, pets can soil carpets, chew on a lot of surfaces (including doors and trim molding), scratch at walls and door jams, dig into floors and around the property and even damage  hardwood floors.  While there is that ever-present risk of pets impacting your revenue stream, some sound advice from Michigan property management experts can help you see some of the rewards and trade-offs.

Protecting your Investment with a Pet Fee

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property maintenance michiganIf you have recently acquired investment property for rental purposes, then you face a common issue every property owner has to copy with: A complete stranger will be moving into the property - property you may have once called home.

Along with dealing with a stranger in that residence, you have more than enough to keep you busy. Managing the details of work, your business, your household and family, etc. is enough to keep your schedule tight. You have little time for handling all the maintenance issues of rental properties.

That's why most local property investors and landlords make the choice to outsource to a Michigan property management company. There's a certain freedom to turning over the maintenance, background checks, service calls, walk

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