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When you’re dealing with new investment property with the intent to rent or lease that home, one of the most rental_rates_property_management_michigan_400difficult things to do is establish the right rent amount.  New landlords often find it difficult because simply doing a comparison on other homes in the area isn’t enough.  There’s a lot to consider including amenities, location, maintenance costs, taxes and more.  This is why so many owners in southeast Michigan turn to property managers in Oakland County and Wayne County.

Having a property get swamped in applications and rent out quickly is usually a good thing – but it could also mean that you’re not charging enough rent.  If the property seems to sit empty, that’s often a clear indication that the rent is too high.

So how do you set the

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If you’ve had your ear to the ground with the Metro-Detroit real estate market then you know that interest rates andproperty_management_michigan_432 home prices have dipped into record lows.  This presents interested investors with a unique opportunity to jump into the real estate game to turn over housing or invest in rental properties.

While the idea is sound for many, there are some important things to consider when investing in metro-Detroit real estate.  Above all else, it’s never as simple as owning a property and filling it with tenants while you collect rent.  There’s a lot of work in property management, which is why so many property owners and investors turn to a property manager in Metro-Detroit to manage the routine tasks and maintenance.

Without proper planning, like

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When you have investment property there are regular maintenance costs and upkeep that you have cope with – property_manager_michigan_saves_money_388such is the nature of the business.  As a business, your goal is to save as much money as possible in order to profit from your investment.  That’s why so many landlords and residential property owners in Washtenaw, Oakland and Wayne counties choose a property manager in Michigan to handle their residential properties.

A southeast Michigan property management company is a smart investment to protect your own investment.

Top 5 ways a Property Manager in Michigan Saves You Money

1. Getting the most rent for your investment – As a landlord or property owner, you likely have number in mind that’s your ideal target for rent.  The problem with

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While the safest strategy for a landlord or property management company in Michigan is to remain transparent andmouth_tape_448 honest with tenants, there are a number of topics that should be avoided.  If a potential tenant brings things points up you’ll be put in a position where you needed to discuss and answer appropriately.

Some questions however should be avoided at all cost.  Here are the top 5 topics to avoid with renders.

1. A property manager in Michigan should never designate a neighborhood as safe or as a “low crime area”

There is no way for an individual to know whether or not a region, area or neighborhood is completely safe – or if it will stay that way.  If a property manager in Royal Oak claims the neighborhood to be safe and something terrible

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