July 2012

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When was the last time you thought about your lack of free-time, or how much gas you were wasting traveling michigan_property_manager_400between your rental properties?  If you’re wishing for a lot more freedom, then you need to build an effective strategy to manage your day by day routines.

Either that or invest in a Michigan property manager.

To get the most out of the associated costs of a property manager in Oakland and Wayne county, you need to carefully assess what you’re capable of handing over and the exact services they offer.  Based on what you’re willing to delegate you’ll be able to choose (much easier) which property manager is best suited to meet your needs.

Asking the Right Questions

Based on your needs, you can check into a number of property management firms

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If you want to continue to diversify your investments then now is the time to buy investment property in Michigan. michigan_property_manager_638 You can take advantage of the current market and generate even more income as well as tax benefits.

The trick to expanding your investment properties and portfolio is in buying.  If you're not careful about picking properties, no property manager in Michigan can save you and you'll being sinking money into marketing and general contractors trying to fix the asset that turned into a liability.

Our experience as property managers in Michigan working with a variety of landlords and property funds has given us a great insight into purchasing and managing properties.

1. Buying investment property at the right price

Working and negotiation

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Imagine you're a consumer looking for just the right rental.  You find a space that is close to your work, provides michigan_property_manager_paint_colors_540easy access to shopping, is in your price range and has all the amenities you've ever wanted in an apartment.

Exciting right?

Now imagine walking in to see the apartment and you're greeted by dingy, earth-tone colors and bright orange or red accent walls, green trim, yellow window accents - aside from attempting not to run away shaking your head, at the very least you're going to be disappointed.

This is why a lot of property owners with rentals choose to use specific shades of neutral paint colors.  They fit most personalities, they aren't abrasive, they blend with virtually everything and make for the perfect backdrop.

There are a

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If you're debating a change in the floor of your rental units and investment property, give it careful consideration carpet_vs_hardwood_259before making a move.  It shouldn't simply be a matter of which is easier for you or the tenants to maintain.

Ideally, if you're working with a property manager in Michigan, the general maintenance is included anyhow so maintenance shouldn't necessarily be an issue.  Let's look at the pros of adding hard wood floors into your rental space.

Perks of Wood Floors

1. The most obvious perk is already mentioned.  Wood floors are typically easier to maintain and clean, and have a longer durability and life that most carpets designed for rental units.

2. Hardwood enhances the overall image of the home which could help it rent and sell

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