August 2012

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Whether you’re new to investment properties or you’re looking to add another property to your portfolio, you’veforeclosure_investment_property_management_michigan_453 likely considered buying up foreclosure properties.  Given the difficult economic climate, a lot of homeowners are forced to walk away from their properties, leaving the bank to try to reclaim lost money through foreclosure sales.

Buying one of these properties comes with a number of opportunities, but there are also plenty of challenges and potential pitfalls that could hurt your investment portfolio - especially if you’re also investing in a Michigan property manager to handle your rental units for you.

Buying a Foreclosure is an Impersonal Experience

When you purchase a foreclosure in Michigan, you’re not dealing directly with a

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When you're dealing with investment property, adding value can be a balancing act.  One that requires a lot of fine michigan_property_manager_room_prep_425tuning, especially because you have overhead and expenses to consider such as property taxes, hiring a Michigan property manager, landscaping, maintenance and updates, marketing and more. 

There's a lot you can do to improve the value of your property to command more rent or attract a better sale price, but it's also about making the numbers work.  Invest too much and you can push the value beyond the local limits - effectively making the house unattainable.

While homes typically appreciate over time for a variety of reasons, you can also directly control the value on rental properties by putting work into the home.  Even

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