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Michigan Property Management Tips - In Search of the Perfect Tenants

When trying to fill rental space, good tenants (the kind that pay on time, keep a clean home, and renew their lease good-tenant_300for years) rarely come to you by accident or stumble across your listing.  They connect with a landlord or property manager by strategic design.

Don't get stuck thinking good tenants are only in great neighborhoods or come from affluent backgrounds.  Good tenants are everywhere, even in the heart of some of the least-attractive suburbs in metro Detroit.  If you're investing in property, you want to find the best tenants to fill your space.  This reduces your overall costs and keeps a positive-income producing investment from becoming a liability.

Here are some tips on

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While we love working with landlords who need a property manager in Northville, Novi, Canton, and even into Ann hire a northville property managerArbor we're also realistic about the services we offer; it's not for every property owner.

So when should you hire a property management company?

There are a lot of advantages, but every benefit to hiring a property manager in the Detroit area comes with an expense.  That's something that property investors and landlords have to consider when running their business.

Here are some key indicators on when it might be time to hire a property manager for your properties around the Northville and Novi area.

You have a lot of properties

If your portfolio is spread out around Northville, Novi, Royal Oak, Warren, Canton and other areas from

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