November 2013

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Evicting a tenant is a headache for landlords in every aspect. Whether the tenant is neglecting his obligation to pay rent or for any other reason, the eviction process is not as simple as a business closing their doors. A smart landlord will minimize their losses by beginning the eviction proceeding as soon as necessary, as the proceeding may take one or two months to complete. Learn from the following mistakes and you will save money while avoiding added stress. 

1. Trying to Do it Alone

Hiring a qualified attorney to review the lease and identify any possible loopholes may be less costly than the tenant exploiting them in court. Understand that each state has unique tenant/landlord laws. The available paperwork that can be found in courts may seem

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The reluctance that many individuals hold towards becoming a homeowner is understandable. The ongoing recession has depleted the savings from countless men and woman. Taking on a new home loan while struggling to repay the debts they've accumulated is a foolish move. There are also the individuals who simply do not want the responsibilities of owning a house right now. Either way you look at it, this is a golden opportunity to collect on the investment of a rental property. The first step is knowing where to look for potential tenants. 

Classified Columns In Newspapers

A cheap source of leads may be as easy as reading the paper. A few individuals are content with posting in their local newspaper the fact that they're searching for leasing options.

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