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TreesAs a property owner, you should be aware of not only the inside of your rental unit, but also the exterior. Sometimes landlords forget to keep an eye on the exterior unless they are shoveling snow or raking leaves. Tree trimming is a very important task to keep up with due to the fact that tree branches can cause danger. They can damage structure, hit utility lines, or hurt a passing pedestrian. These are a few tips for landlords to be conscious of the necessity of tree trimming on their rental property.

When should I trim the trees?

Landlords should be aware of the times when tree trimming is needed. If branches become a safety hazard by growing low over a driveway or sidewalk, definitely trim them. If the branches appear diseased or damaged, you

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As a landlord, there is plenty of clean up involved with a space you are renting after a tenant moves out. You have to clean up the unit, repair any damages, and potentially repaint and have the carpets cleaned. What would you do if you arrived at the unit to begin clean up and discover an abandoned pet left at the rental property? This situation has been happening more often and landlords need to know what the laws are regarding this.

Abandoned Pet

Determining if the Pet was abandoned

If a tenant left personal belongings in their unit, you'd be required by law to store them temporarily and attempt to contact them. For pets, there are different guidelines. You'll first want to verify that the tenant vacated the premises, by seeing if all the belongings are gone

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Home for Rent

While landlords are busy finding new tenants and managing the trouble tenants, sometimes they forget to stop and make sure they are recognizing good tenants. A good tenant is one that pays on time, follows rental rules, keeps common areas clean, and refers other good people. There are ways for landlords to keep good tenants by offering incentives.

Financial Benefits

It’s more expensive to gain new clientele than it is here to retain a current customer, so keeping an existing tenant makes more financial sense. By the time you advertise, screen a potential tenant, clean and repaint a unit, it would have saved time and money to keep the good tenant you had. When you offer yearly incentives before their lease is up, it’s a win/win by making the renter

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Each state has various rules on what is standard to make a place habitable or uninhabitable. Landlords need to be aware of the laws in their state to make sure their buildings are up to legal standards for what is required. Items that are standard include basic utilities, roofs that don’t leak, and floors that can hold weight. One topic that gets many landlords is cooling. Is air conditioning required by the habitability laws?

Is Air Conditioning Required?

AC ThermostatMost states would consider it a luxury, a good selling point to a rental unit, but other states require it. Typical hot states are the ones that will require cooling and prompt repairing if the air goes out. Arizona is one example of a hotter state where air conditioning is essential.

In states

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Tenancy AgreementFor landlords, relying on luck is a bad idea. You should always make your own luck by being prepared and educated. Never avoid tenant screenings, trusting a tenant’s promise on late rent, and avoiding preventative maintenance. Here are some tips to ensure you are being a smart landlord and not relying on luck.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a good way to avoid potential problems and save you money.

  • Maintaining and inspecting HVAC will reduce the chance of an emergency due to negligence
  • Tenants will stay safer if the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are checked for proper functioning
  • Having a pest control expert pay a visit regularly can make sure you don’t have any pest problems, and that none will become a
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As a landlord there are many concerns that you may have about the tenants renting from you.  More often the news is reporting stories on meth labs and how the landlord had no idea their property could have contained one. Landlords need to become educated on this serious matter because it could result in physical danger as well as a huge financial burden.

What is a Meth Lab?

“Meth” is short of methamphetamine, an addictive drug that is cooked in a type of lab. Many tenants renting can do this right in their kitchen because it’s easy to make, inexpensive to produce but results in easy money, and can be easily moved from one property to another. This illegal activity can contaminate a unit, and those living in the unit will suffer health effects such as

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Overcoming the "No"Landlords should be aware that being able to say “no” to tenants is really important to running a business. It’s crucial to make decisions that make sense for your business and to always be an effective manager of your business in order to be successful first and foremost.  Saying “no” could mean the difference between a profitable business and a declining one, and landlords should understand that it’s not always in their business’s best interest to be a people pleaser.

How to say “No”

Saying “no” is all about showing a tenant that you are not going to be a pushover and that you are in control of your business. Tenants will appreciate when you do say “yes” and will eventually understand when a request is fair or asking too much. Be sure when saying

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House for RentLandlords know that keeping a good tenant is important to their business success. Having decent people renting from you can mean reliable income and they may attract more people to your business. Sometimes, out of the landlord’s control, there are factors pushing away good people from your property. Here are some potential causes of losing good tenants and how to deal with them.


Allowing tenants to rent with pets may actually be wise because the amount of rentals that currently allow pets are limited. These tenants will be tolerant of other dogs since they have one of their own. Those good tenants that are not pet owners are going to be pushed away if there are loud neighbor dogs disturbing the peace, so one way to deal with this is to check

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