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Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a very attractive feature to have in your rental. Unfortunately, it attracts families with young children that are more likely to have an accident and/or drown.

With proper signs, routine checks and a Swimming Pool Addendum in your contract you can protect yourself and use the pool to your advantage in your rental. Here are a few things to consider if the property has a pool.

Signs, Signs, Every Where There are Signs

It is completely legal to have a sign (or two) stating that children under a certain age cannot be left unsupervised in the pool area. As stated before, children are at higher risk of hurting themselves around the swimming pool. It is never safe for a child to swim unattended.

You may consider “No Diving” signs

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Tenancy Agreement

First and foremost you need to know your tenant very well before handing over repairs to them. Some may save you money, but others may end up costing you more in the long run.

Maybe your tenant is a trustworthy, hardworking, divorced father that pays his rent on time and is handy and/or employed in a maintenance position. This would be a no brainer, and could be a good thing for both of you.

However, another type of tenant may end up costing you more money, if they don’t know how to fix things they say they can fix. They may not care about doing a good job, or they may say they will make the repairs but never do it.

Don’t Expect More Out of Your Tenant Than You Should

Under Federal, State and Local Habitability Laws you have certain

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If you are a landlord, it may be wise for you to know more about how to attract Millennials to your properties. Millennials are people who were born between the year 1980 and the 2000 and they make up the largest demographic of renters today.

Most of those who are considered Millennials are not looking to take on a mortgage anytime soon, mainly due to the economy. Good jobs are scarce, student loans are hanging over their heads, and the credit market has tightened its reins, making it much harder for many of them to secure home loans.

What this means for you as a landlord is that by attracting Millennials to your properties, you will likely have a long-term renter. This can be much better than someone who may only rent from you for the duration of

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Home Renting

Many landlords choose to rent to family and friends and then others decide against it. Whether you do or not is completely up to you. However, there are advantages to renting to family and friends.

However, with advantages, come disadvantages. Before you make your decision, you should consider the pros and cons that are involved.

You Know Them

First of all, if you rent to someone you know, you are already aware of what kind of person they are. You know whether or not they can hold a job and if they’re responsible. You know whether or not they will take care of the rental property. So that’s a major advantage to renting to a stranger.

No False Information

When you rent to friends and family you won’t have to worry about being duped. For

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Are you aware of what your tenant’s security deposit will cover? There are laws in place that tell landlords when they are allowed to deduct portions of the security deposit due to damages that were caused by a tenant.

Landlords cannot deduct for normal wear and tear so how does a landlord know what is considered damage and what is regular wear and tear? Here is a look at determining the difference so that landlords know what they can use the security deposit for.


Security deposits are in place to pay for any damage a tenant caused to a property. This should be something damaged due to unreasonable use, accidents or abuse. Examples of damage include unauthorized painting, torn and missing curtains, burns or oil in the carpet and broken

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Christmas Tree - Image Credit:

Those that rent their home or apartment from a landlord still find it important to make the place their own. During the holidays, making it feel like home may include decorating a Christmas tree. Getting a live Christmas tree offers that wonderful pine smell but unfortunately Christmas trees are responsible for around 300 fires every year. Landlords need to be aware of the risks involved in having trees in their properties and help their tenants with some of these safety tips to have a safe and wonderful Christmas season.

Tree Lights

One of the biggest causes of tree fires is faulty tree lights. Have you tenants check the lights they place on live trees to make sure there are no missing or broken bulbs. They should look at the wiring for cracks and

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Snow Removal

Since the winter is here and the snow will surely be falling in many areas, it's important to understand some of the tips landlords need for snow removal. Whether you manage an apartment complex or home rentals, handling snow removal is very important.

You should understand your state laws and municipal ordinances when it comes to the time limit for snow removal. It's important to put a plan in place to make sure you're prepared. Here are a few things to consider.

Put Your Tenants to Work

It's not illegal to hand over the shovel and the tenants take care of the snow, in most places. In some areas, they may be put in charge of the steps, driveways, sidewalks and ramps. If this is the case, you need to clearly communicate your limited

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Good communication is key to any business and it needs to be a priority between landlords and tenants. Poor communication can cost you money, time and cause issues. Here are some tips to help you better communicate with your tenants if you're a landlord.

Use Winning Words

The right world can allow you to better connect with your tenant. When you share thoughts with them, you want to ask questions, restate any key requests and make sure you keep your emotions out of it. Complimentary words and a calm tone can go a very long way.

Listening is Vital

Communication is far more than just talking. It requires listening as well. If you don't listen to you tenants, you may miss something very important. However, when you take the time to listen to them,

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It’s that time of year when the snow is falling, Christmas music is playing and everyone is shopping. Landlords run into the dilemma every year of whether or not they should get Christmas gifts for tenants. Sometimes a small gesture at the holidays can make your tenants feel appreciated when it comes time for their annual lease renewal.

For landlords that do want to make the gesture without breaking the bank, what are some easy, affordable and non-offensive gifts that could be passed out to the tenants? Here are some cool gift ideas that will go over well with any tenant.

Holiday Cards

A simple holiday card allows you to express appreciation for your tenants without spending much money. Wishing them well during the holidays is a kind gesture but

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