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Property for Rent

When it comes time to determine a property’s optimal rent, landlords have a tough decision to make. It’s been a predicament that any business owner faces at one time or another; determining the value of their goods or services offered.

It’s not possible to ever know what the perfect price would be but there are methods that people can use to determine the fairest price for all parties. Here is a look at how to go about setting your property’s rent.

Comparisons of Renting and Owning

A good way to start is by comparing how much the apartment would cost to make mortgage payments on it. Compare it to similarly sized properties and perhaps you can set the rent at what the price to own it would be. Rents have gone up as home prices have fallen

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When the time comes to raise the rent of a tenant for a specific property, this must be handled just right. If not, you could get yourself in trouble or end up with an empty property. Here are a few things to consider when it's time to raise rent.

Determining the New Rent Amount

The first step is to figure out what you should be charging to rent the property. You want to look at other rental properties in the area that match closely with yours. Make sure you look at five or more properties to ensure you get an accurate estimate.

The best estimate will come from looking at rental properties very similar to yours, as far as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and features. It's also important to look at the age of the property

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When you are looking for the right tenant to fill your property, you must be careful. There are some questions you may think are normal and even innocent, but you cannot ask. Here are a few questions to avoid asking rental applications.

Do you have a Service Animal?

This may seem like an innocent question and one you may think make sense to ask, but you cannot ask about service animals. When you ask about a service animal, it falls in the same category as asking about a disability. You cannot even ask about the duties and tasks the animal will do for the applicant.

However, the good news is, applicants will have to provide documentation for service animals. You cannot ask about a service animal, but they are required to tell you about it soon

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Leases can be modified to cater to the renters needs. There are times when one renter moves out or another move’s in. In these cases, the property manager or landlord will have to rewrite the lease to fit the renters current situation.


Communities that have colleges within them, see this issue a lot. The ever changing status of college students makes renting in a college town difficult. Sometimes best friends will move in with each other only to find they cannot live together. In this case, one of them may take over the lease. It is far better to lose one renter rather than experience physical or verbal fighting.

Default On commitment

From time to time, you will get roommates where one will take care of their portion of the rent, but

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