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Home Payment

When you take in security deposits, you’re telling a tenant that you need a buffer in case they don’t pay their rent or damage something on your property. You need something in the bank in case the tenant takes off and breaks their lease or damages something that is going to need repaired. When you take in a security deposit and your tenant doesn’t do anything wrong to require you to keep it, how are you supposed to come up with that cost to pay them back after move out?

Unless you’ve kept it in a special account and never touched it, you may have already spent the money and will have to pull it from your pocket to reimburse your tenant. Here is a look at why separate accounts for security deposits are smart.

How Security Deposits Work


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You’ve probably worked hard to maintain a rental property with clean floors, freshly-painted walls and appliances in good working order. When it passes from one tenant to the next, the landlord hopes that the tenant will keep everything in good running order. Part of that expectation means that you as the landlord may want to provide some specific tools to help keep the property in top-notch quality.

Providing items like the lawn mower, fire extinguisher and a plunger doesn’t mean you are giving away free gifts to your tenant; you’re encouraging the tenant to use these tools to keep your property in working order. In addition, your tenant won’t feel frustrated at having to provide their own tools and be less likely to get tasks done that keep your

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Pest control is a pain for tenants and landlords. With spring arrive, flowers and bugs are increasing. They are making their way into rental properties which is upsetting tenants and disrupting the lives of landlords. It’s one of those issues that can be confusing to the relationship because both parties may think the other party is responsible for handling this.

Be sure to brush up on the rental agreement to see who is in charge of handling pests. Here is a look at when the tenant pays, when the landlord pays and what to do about bedbugs.

Landlord’s Responsibility

It’s the landlord’s responsibility for the most part because of the implied warranty of habitability in maintain livable conditions of a rental property. Since a pest can

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Can you have a pet when you rent your home or apartment? In most rental situations, you can have pets and it will only affect you financially. Landlords usually feel strongly one way or the other regarding pets. While some landlords are absolutely against having pets in their property for the mess they can cause, damage they can cause and other annoyances like noise and smell, other landlords feel that they are like children to an owner and they want them to be able to bring their family to a rental unit.

Even if they feel strongly about allowing pets, there are going to be some strict rules including the number of pets, breed restrictions and rules in the lease agreement about paying for any damage caused by the pet and for extra fees in the

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For landlords, there is always the decision to make about whether or not a fresh coat of paint needs to go when a tenant moves out or one is moving in. interior paint is a practical need in rental properties, along with an aesthetical boost so it’s important to keep the wall colors well-maintained.

The questions are, how often do landlords need to paint? Should they do it themselves or hire someone? What type of paint should be used for such a project that may have to be done often? Here is a look at all of these questions for landlords dealing with paint and their rental properties.

Should I paint myself?

Unless you are experienced in painting, it’s a good idea to hire a professional paint service. They can make it look professional in a

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