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Being a landlord can be a complicated task. While it’s a great way to have properties and keep income coming in on them while you’re not living in them, there are many laws that take place between a tenant and a landlord. The other issue is that laws are always changing. How do you stay up to date on changing landlord-tenant laws? Here is a look at how to stay up to date to do your job well and reduce a risk of a lawsuit.

Blogs and Google

Use Internet browsers like Google to stay up to date on legal updates and information on landlord-tenant laws. Google News and Google Scholar are two of the best sources for updates and they are free to use. You’ll find general news and information on Google News and you can search for specifics like “landlord

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You have an amazing rental property being advertised, you go through the applications, find a great tenant, and sit down to go over the lease agreement. Stop. Are you ready to go over the lease agreement? It is important to make sure your tenant understands all of the finer details of the agreement. In order to do that, you need to make sure you know how to review the agreement in the right way.

Picking the Right Spot

You need to go somewhere that you can sit down and review the agreement without a lot of noise or chaos in the background. It is extremely common to meet at the actual rental property to go over the lease.

Give More than Enough Time

You do not want to rush your tenant. You need to give them time to ask any and all questions

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When you decide to become a landlord and rent out your property, there are some disadvantages to expect. It can be very rewarding and profitable if you know what you’re doing. It also can lead to some disappointments and situations that make you feel at a disadvantage.

When your tenant has to be evicted from non-payment, you’ll be stuck with legal fees to get what was owed to you. When your tenant gets hurt from slipping on ice that you didn’t notice when it was time to salt the sidewalks, you may be liable. Here is a look at what types of disadvantages landlords sometimes face and how to overcome them.

Your Investment can come with Surprise Expenses

Sometimes there are going to be expenses you weren’t expecting. The dishwasher may break, the

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Home Planning

When you’re trying to think of ways to customize your rental home, you need to keep in mind that the customizations can’t affect your lease agreement or affect a deposit. For example, in most cases you can’t change the structure, the electrical, plumbing or other permanent changes when the lease states that it’s not to be altered.

At the same time, you want to make your rental feel like your own and have a taste of your personal style. What else can you do to make it your own? Try hanging pictures, throw some rugs over the carpet you didn’t get to pick and consider removable wallpaper so that you aren’t painting on someone else’s rental unit. Here are some more tips to customize your rental home in order to make it feel like “yours” without

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