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As a landlord, you have big decisions to make about what you’ll allow and what you won’t with your tenant’s rights in the property. One of those decisions comes about every summer on gas grill regulations. Your tenants are ready to enjoy summer cook outs and want to grill out right by your rental property. It’s just another harmless summer activity, right?

In fact, gas grilling causes tenants and landlords issues if they are not used and stored properly. Because of this, landlords should have strict rules on their use or consider restricting them altogether, but with the risk of deterring potential tenants. Here is a look at regulations to have in place if you allow gas grills.

The Dangers of Gas Grills

While gas grills are a fun and

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Home Inspection

The move in inspection is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of moving into a rental home or apartment. At first glance, it may look like everything is in tip top condition. However, as you dig a little deeper, you may notice otherwise.

Before you become the official new resident, you need to make sure every bit of damage is properly noted. If it is not properly noted beforehand, you may be held liable for it when you are ready to move out.

Move-in Inspection Checklist

In some cases the landlord will provide you with a move in inspection checklist. Ideally you want the landlord to walk through the property with you and mark off items in your presence. If the landlord is unable or unwilling to do this, here are a few tips to

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A landlord’s job can be very stressful at times. They want to keep their tenant’s happy, their expenses low and they want their time and energy to be worth the income. With a full schedule of properties to manage and a never-ending to-do list, landlords can find themselves stressed out trying to juggle everything and separating each properties needs from the others.

It’s easy to get burnt out and work too hard but it’s always better to work smarter, not harder. Take the time out to refresh, organize and make sure your productivity makes sense. Don’t hit the hardware store for one property just to turn around the next day to work on something for another property; organize yourself to grab everything while you’re there the first time. Here are some

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Being a landlord is challenging enough between maintaining a property you’re not living in to dealing with difficult tenants. When you’re the type of landlord that is emotionally attached to your property, things can be even more challenging. Your job is to run a real estate investment of your property and not to look at the property as anything more than a business.

It’s not meant to be something you become attached to or look at as your home or family’s home. It’s meant to be a business and something that you make decisions based on that alone. If you think you may be an emotionally attached landlord, you be aware of the facts below.

Defining Emotionally Attached Landlords

When you look at a property as a place that contains your personal

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