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As a landlord, you may allow pets at your property. What happens if there is a dog bite injury; are you liable since you allowed for someone’s furry children to live here? Many tenants have dogs and landlords many times allow for them to live on their property as to attract more business.

With a well-drafted lease, the landlord will stay protected from pet damage to the property but that doesn’t always apply to injuries that happen to people. Here is a look at how you will be liable for a dog bite to another person if you allow them on your property.

The rules vary by state

One thing that landlords should always be doing is staying informed on their actual state’s landlord and tenants laws. The dog bite law will vary by state. All states have

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Landlords should be aware of slip and fall accidents in order to protect yourself from liability. Renters and visitors to your rental properties should be guaranteed a safe experience and a hazard-free place. The most common injuries tend to be slip and fall accidents because a floor isn’t adequately cleaned or cared for.

An injury from a slip and fall is almost always going to result in a lawsuit and landlords will want to protect themselves by taking proper precautions. The way to do this is by maintaining your flooring in any rental units but especially in multi-unit properties with common areas. Here is a look at what you need to know about slip and fall accidents as a landlord.

What is a Slip and Fall?

This refers to an accident in which

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