January 2016

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Managing PropertyThe start of the New Year provides a key opportunity for property owners. It is time to take a closer look at how you are managing your investments and what steps you can take to make them even more successful. The good news is that there are property management companies that can help you to excel in this area. However, it all starts with you. To get your year off to the right start, consider these tips.

#1: Clearly define what you want in new tenants.

Now is a great time to step back and improve the parameters for what works for your location. You may need to consider the area's demographics a bit closer to ensure this represents your opportunities.

#2: Get your finances in order.

If you are not using software to track expenses and income,

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Property Management ServicesIt does not matter if you have 10 properties or just a handful. Sometimes, having the services of an experienced, dedicated property management team can really help you to turn your investment into a profit. There are some services that really stand out from the rest and become quite valuable to creating profits within any business. Those include the following:

  1. Tenant screening services: This ensures you have the very best person in place. It can also help to reduce some of your liability risks, improve profitability, and make your location more attractive to future tenants.
  2. Accounting services: Managing the books is not easy and can be quite time-consuming. With the help of a skilled professional, it is possible to learn more about the true
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