February 2016

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Many people see property management services in Michigan as something only the big companies use. Yet, there are many advantages to turning to these organizations to help you more effectively manage your real estate holdings, no matter how many you have or what types of property you own. Keep these common myths about using these services in mind, and how they can instead help you to achieve all of your real estate ownership goals.

Myth #1: No One Can Do It Better Than You

There is no one that cares more about the real estate that you own than you do. Yet, property management professionals not only can help you to better manage it, but they can also help you to improve its value overall. If you are like many property owners, you want the best for

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When you own real estate in Michigan and you plan to rent it out, you are counting on finding a good set of tenants that you can trust to keep your property safe and keep your income coming in.

If you have taken the time to hire a property management company, you likely are already seeing the benefits of having a well-experienced team by your side helping you to select and keep tenants. But is it worth it? How can a Michigan property management company help you rent to the best tenants available?

Finding Quality Tenants

One of the first benefits these companies provide is the ability to locate high-quality tenants. This is done within the search process. Property management companies have the time, money, and experience to rate tenants on

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