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Michigan Property Management Tips - In Search of the Perfect Tenants

When trying to fill rental space, good tenants (the kind that pay on time, keep a clean home, and renew their lease good-tenant_300for years) rarely come to you by accident or stumble across your listing.  They connect with a landlord or property manager by strategic design.

Don't get stuck thinking good tenants are only in great neighborhoods or come from affluent backgrounds.  Good tenants are everywhere, even in the heart of some of the least-attractive suburbs in metro Detroit.  If you're investing in property, you want to find the best tenants to fill your space.  This reduces your overall costs and keeps a positive-income producing investment from becoming a liability.

Here are some tips on

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pet_friendly_property_manager_425Have you been soured by a past experience involving a tenant with unruly pets?  Landlords and property managers in Metro-Detroit often want to protect their investment to reduce maintenance costs and property upkeep by issuing “no pet” policies on their property.  If you want to drive your profits in the right direction, and fill vacancies, then you may want to consider a change to get pets into your rental property.

According to a recent study from the Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research and Education Promoting Animal Welfare (FIREPAW), the average pet-friendly rental doesn’t suffer any additional damage beyond typical rental units. 

With the rough economy, especially here in the Metro-Detroit area, more people are adopting family pets as

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If you’re new to real estate investment, or you find yourself making the transition from homeowner to landlord, youmetro_detroit_property_manager_home_for_rent_400 are discovering unfamiliar territory.  This includes collecting rent, dealing with emergency repairs, screening tenants, renovations, marketing and more.  Having to deal with these on a regular basis can make even a savvy real estate investor turn sour.

In the absence of a magic button or a genie to simplify the entire process, there are still plenty of things you can do to keep the process running smoothly.  Headache free property management? It’s a strong possibility. 

Here are some tips to help you make an easy transition to the life of a landlord and reduce the associated stresses.

Don’t get too big too fast

While the concept of

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Buying your first investment property can be exciting, but the process is completely different from buying real estate property_manager_in_michigan_300for personal use.  Personal real estate is often bought with emotion and personal feelings but real estate investment requires clear thinking with a singular goal in mind:  To turn a profit.

As complicated as real estate investment can be, it can be made far simpler through intelligent decisions and making plans – such as using a property manager in Michigan to reduce a lot of the day-to-day headaches.  Here’s a simple guide to follow to ease into real estate investment and be a more successful landlord.

Protecting your Investment with Tenant References

There are some amazing properties I southeast Michigan, and we absolutely love

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When you’re dealing with new investment property with the intent to rent or lease that home, one of the most rental_rates_property_management_michigan_400difficult things to do is establish the right rent amount.  New landlords often find it difficult because simply doing a comparison on other homes in the area isn’t enough.  There’s a lot to consider including amenities, location, maintenance costs, taxes and more.  This is why so many owners in southeast Michigan turn to property managers in Oakland County and Wayne County.

Having a property get swamped in applications and rent out quickly is usually a good thing – but it could also mean that you’re not charging enough rent.  If the property seems to sit empty, that’s often a clear indication that the rent is too high.

So how do you set the

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