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Michigan Property Management Tips - How to Find the Best Tenants for Rental Property

June 27, 2018 posted in finding tenants, landlord tips, tenant screening, tenant tips, property manager tips

Michigan Property Management Tips - In Search of the Perfect Tenants

When trying to fill rental space, good tenants (the kind that
pay on time, keep a clean home, and renew their lease for years) rarely come to
you by accident or stumble across your listing.
They connect with a landlord or property manager by strategic design.

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Property Management Revenue Tips - Boost Profit with Pet-Friendly Leasing

June 27, 2018 posted in landlord tips, pet friendly property managers, pet-friendly rentals, pet rentals, property manager metro detroit

Have you been soured by a past experience involving a tenant
with unruly pets? Landlords and property
managers in Metro-Detroit
often want to protect their investment to reduce maintenance costs and
property upkeep by issuing “no pet” policies on their property. If you want to drive your profits in the
right direction, and fill vacancies, then you may want to consider a change
to get pets into your rental property.

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Metro-Detroit Property Managements – Tips for New Landlords

June 27, 2018 posted in landlord tips, metro detroit property manager, michigan property manager, property management, property manager michigan

If you’re new to real estate investment, or you find
yourself making the transition from homeowner to landlord, you are discovering
unfamiliar territory. This includes
collecting rent, dealing with emergency repairs, screening tenants,
renovations, marketing and more. Having
to deal with these on a regular basis can make even a savvy real estate
investor turn sour.

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